Self Adhesive Membranes & Gas Protection

Eagle Insulations manufacture a range of self-adhesive bitumen membranes for tanking, structural waterproofing and high performance vapour barriers roofing systems together with HDPE membranes from 0,75mm to 1,5mm.



SA150 is a bitumen based self-adhesive membrane reinforced with HDPE for tanking applications.

Roll: 20mts x 1mt


SA200 is 2mm self-adhesive membrane reinforced with PY carrier that can be used on underground waterproofing or underlay in high performance roofing systems where naked flame can't be used.

Roll: 15mts x 1mt

GR200 SA

GR 200SA is 2mm self-adhesive bitumen membrane reinforced with an Aluminium composite for underground Gas protection systems.

Roll: 15mts x 1mt


GR100 is a self-adhesive bitumen membrane finished with an aluminium composite on the top side.
GR 100 is used on underground waterproofing and gas protection and as a vapour barrier on high performance roofing systems.

Roll: 20mts x 1mt


A range of HDPE high flexibility membranes with thickness from 0,75 to 1,5mm and width up to 6 meters.