Tecnocoat Protective Coatings

Eagle  manufacture a range of high performance waterproofing and protective coatings for heavy duty applications such as marine protection, railway deck protection, carparks and tanks,.

The TECNOCOAT range  is a two-component, spray-applied, 100% solid, waterproofing membrane which does not harm the environment and protects surfaces from wear and corrosion and offers a seamless, fully-bonded membrane which dries in 4 seconds and is trafficable in minutes.


Tecnocoat P2049

is a waterproofing and protection coating designed for heavy duty applications such as carparks. Universal 100% pure polyuria which can be used for a wide range of applications thanks
to its excellent properties, which mean it can be applied to all substrates: reinforced concrete, polyurethane foam, polystyrenes, asphalt sheets, PVC sheets, wooden substrates, ceramic substrates, etc

Tecnocoat P2049, holds an ETA for life expectancy in excess of 25 years and it is also certified for use in Green Roofs, potable water tanks

tecnocoat fire resistant

Tecnocoat FR

Tecnocoat FR is a 100% a  protection coating especially formulated to have a higher Fire resistance specially situations where the coating should have excellent fire-retardant
and flame-resistant properties, in compliance with the fire-protection regulations applicable in each case. Ideal for interior linings in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Tecnocoat Antiestatic

Tecnocoat AS

Tecnocoat AS is a 100% solids Antiestatic protection coatingwhich retains only a very small electrical charge, which means it can be applied to surfaces where this property is an essential requirement. It is therefore recommended for floorings or linings in areas such as electronic laboratories, clean rooms, operating theatres, offices with sensitive technology.

It is also communly used in railway sector to isolate interchanging boxes to avoid electric shocks during repair and maintenance.

Tecnocoat Elongation

Tecnocoat EL

Tecnocoat EL is a 100% solids protective coating 100%  with high elongation properties specifically formulated for applications which require greater elasticity, in addition to all the basic properties of Tecnocoat. Ideal for waterproofing metal roofs (pre-lacquered panels, zinc,galvanised steel etc.) or elements which are subjected to considerable structural loads (bridge concrete slabs or any type of structural joints).

tecnocoat over asbestos

Tecnocoat LV

Tecnocoat LV is a low viscocity 100% solids pure polyurea specially designed for an easier application in cold climates or to be applied with a smaller Graco Machine E10 HP. Tecnocoat LV has the same properties than Tecnocoat P2049 while making application much easier , reducing re-circulation and warming up time.