Desmopol Liquid Waterproofing

Desmopol is a highly elastomeric waterproofing liquid membrane that can be installed in a single layer with excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces.

Desmopol liquid membrane is very easy to apply reducing overcoat times and has a great adhesion to all substrates, making it the ideal seamless liquid membrane for new buildings or remedial work. Desmopol liquid membrane is also widely use in balconies, walkways and even carparks.

Desmopol holds an ETA certification for 25 years and is also certified for use in green roofs.

Packaging. Desmopol 25kg and 6kg. 2Lt tins accelerator.


  1. Preparation of surface: It should be clean, dry and free from any contaminants such as oil, grease and dust. Loose chippings should be removed and any cracks, splits in substrates to be repaired with PU Mastic.
  2. Specific areas, such as structural joints and perimeter flashings with walls, should  be prepared using Tecnoband Mat embedded in a coat of Desmopol.
  3. Plywood/OSB decks or insulation joints must be taped using Tecnoband Mat.
  4. Overlaps on metal surfaces must be taped with Tecnoband 100 to avoid damage to the Desmopol membrane.
  5. Work out the area you will cover with the 27kg tin of mixed product (please check coverage rates for different guarantees available)  do not spread the product too thin.
  6. Pour the Accelerator into the Desmopol membrane tin and mix on slow speed using paddle mixer or similar until the products are visibly
    mixed (approx. 2mins).   To avoid the presence of air bubbles the product must be mixed with a slow speed paddle mixer. Important Note: The Accelerator must be mixed at the exact ratio of 2Lt tin for 25kg. Do not modify this
    ratio as this may result in an incorrect chemical reaction. Exact ratio of 110ml per each Litre of Desmopol.
  7. Desmopol is self levelling, do not overwork the product.
  8. Apply Desmopol on upstands, corners and penetrations in 2 thin layers.
  9. Apply Desmopol Membrane to the designated area by squeegee, brush or roller.
  10. Desmopol will form a skin after 30mins and be completely waterproof, and walkable after 2-4hrs. Fully curing time is 24hrs.
  11. Tecnotop 2C top coat can be used to guarantee the stability of the colour and must be used on guarantee systems over 15 years.

Warm roof systems:  PIR VV insulation must be primed with EPW1070. Once the primer is dry, Desmopol can be applied directly on the PIR VV insulation boards


Desmopol Membrane, when used in conjunction with Accelerator can be
used directly on the substrate such as: plywood/OSB, asbestos, metal,
lead, bitumen membranes,concrete, asphalt, masonry or brick walls.
For additional information on our primers, Tecnotop 2C top coat or
anti-skid surfaces, please contact our technical department.

Desmopol liquid waterproofing systems

Desmopol Liquid Membrane

Desmopol is a highly elastomeric continuous waterproofing liquid membrane that can be installed in a single layer with excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces. Desmopol holds an ETA Certification for 25 years making it an ideal solution for waterproofing new builds
or restorations.

Coverage: 1,7kg/m²

Available in: 6kg, 25kg