Bitumen Solutions, Acrylic Roofing

Eagle Insulations manufacture a range of bitumen compounds and acrylic roofing repair for new building and maintenance which provides an immediate and safe waterproofing solution. Our range counts with bitumen paint, bitumen primer, trowel mastic, bitumen felt adhesive, all weather roof coat, reflective aluminium paint and acrylic roofing compound for emergency repairs.


Bitumen Paint

Top quality black bitumen paint which gives an anti-corrosive protection to all types of metal, concrete and wood. Will not taint drinking water.

Coverage: 1ltr / 6-10m²

Available in: 5ltr, 25ltr

All Weather Roof Coat

Filled bituminous solution for overall waterproofing of roofs. Can be applied to dry surfaces all year round.

Coverage: 1ltr / 1.5m²

Available in: 5ltr, 25ltr

Trowel Mastic

A full bodied solvent based bituminous mastic for gaps and cracks in concrete, asphalt, metal, built-up felt roofs, gutters etc.

Coverage: 1ltr / 1.5m² @2mm thick

Available in: 5ltr, 25ltr

Felt Adhesive

Cold applied bituminous adhesive for bonding successive layers of roofing felt.

Coverage: 1ltr/2m²

Available in: 5ltr, 25ltr

Cold Gritting Solution

A ready to use solvent based, cold applied bituminous compound for bonding all types of 3-10mm chippings to flat or low pitched roofs.

Coverage: 1ltr/1.5m²

Available in: 5ltr, 25ltr

Bitumen Primer

Low viscosity bituminous primer for use on porous surfaces before remedial roof treatment, including torch on felts.

Coverage: 1ltr/6-10m²

Available in: 5ltr, 25ltr

Aluminium Paint

Bright aluminium paint providing a solar reflective finish for use on all bitumen coatings/substrates.

Coverage: 1ltr/8-10m²

Available in: 5ltr, 25ltr

All Weather Aluminium

Similar to All Weather Roof Coat but provides an aluminium solar reflective finish in addition to waterproofing.

Coverage: 1ltr/1.5m²

Available in: 5ltr, 25ltr

Eagle Flash

A self adhesive aluminium foil flashing strip for new construction or repairs to all types of roof surfaces, drainage system and glazing repairs. Grey lead-like finish. In cold weather, may require warming, use primer on rough or porous surfaces.

Available in: 10mtr x 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 225mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm

DoubleCoat liquid waterproofing

Double Coat Pro-Reflect is a solvent based, fibrated, bituminous waterproofing and highly reflective coating.
For waterproofing of most types of roof surfaces to include galvanised steel, iron zinc, asbestos, cement, roofing felt, asphalt, bituminous roof coatings and anticorrosion to exposed metal structures such as storage tanks, pipes and cladding and it is highly recommended for industrial units and warehouses.

On new developments, DoubleCoat Pro-Reflect can be installed on its own or in combination with a carrier membrane which achieve up to 25 years guarantee, due to its tough polyester reinforcement and UV protection. The system can be installed in one day providing a fast solution for the contractor and a long-lasting waterproofing system for the building owner. Any damage caused to the roof can be easily repaired with DoubleCoat Pro-Reflect. Energy Saving. DoubleCoat Pro-Reflect has a high reflection capacity to provide owners and building developers an energy saving around 30% on electricity bill.

Wide Range of guarantees available from 10 to 25 years.