Acoustic Membranes & Damping Sheets

Eagle Insulations manufacture a full range of acoustic damping sheets and acoustic barriers available with different finishes, self-adhesive, aluminium, fleece or composites for walls, and duct lagging acoustic treatment.

Our acoustic membranes are produced from 2kg to 20kg per sqm with a Class 0 fire performance.


Bitumen acoustic barriers and damping sheets

Our viscoelastic membranes are high density and high flexibility, achieving an excellent acoustic performance on different building systems such as flooring, roofing, walls and pipe insulation. The special elastomeric compound guarantees an excellent flexibility even at low temperatures.
The membranes are produced from 3kg to 10kg and have self-adhesive backing for an easier application

Polymeric acoustic barriers

Eagle acoustic barriers are made to the highest standards to meet the customer requirements. Available weights from 2kg up to 20kg on a single layer to achieve the required performance and save installation time.
Our barriers are made with high quality recycled EPDM compound that respects the environment and are fully recyclable. Different finishes are also available, such as self-adhesive, aluminium foil or fleece-backed that provides a high tensile resistance on applications such acoustic curtains.