Fun Facts About The World of Roofing

On a rainy day as a contractor, roofer, architect or industry specialist it's not the best time. So, here at Eagle we have presented you with some fun facts about the world of roofing to keep you occupied. 

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Roofing trivia around the world:


* The hottest place on Earth is Death Valley in California. Unfortunately for roofs heat is one of the contributors to deterioration. Several factors combine to affect roof deterioration including ultraviolet radiation from the sun, temperature extremes, exposure to wind and rain, and foot traffic.

* In 2002, renovations were made to the roof of the one and only White House to heat any water from solar rays. The water is then diverted to a hot tub and outdoor swimming pool.

South America 

* Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela has the most recorded lightening strikes in the world with  232.52 lightening flashes per square kilometer per year. People assume a metal roof is more susceptible to being hit, but lightening tends to strike the highest object in the area, metal or not.  A metal roof would in fact disperse the energy in a safe manner through the structure.

The United Kingdom

* In 1666 The Great Fire of London caused a huge redesign. Houses were no longer to be constructed of wood, but brick, in turn restyling the whole look of the city.

The Middle East

* In 600BC the first ever rooftop gardens were recorded in the historic city of Babylon. The hanging gardens would form over the side of rooftops, balconies and terraces by being pumped with water from the nearby river. 


* Hailstones one inch in diameter begin causing damage to some of the older, thinner roof products. Kenya may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think hailstones, but it gets more hail per year than anywhere else in the world. Kericho, Kenya sees around 50 days of hail annually and holds the record of 132 days in one year. 

The Far East

* Getting on tall building roofs in Japan is nearly impossible. Due to high suicide rates, the Japanese go the extra mile to restrict access to roofs. 


* The Singapore National Stadium currently holds the title for being the largest dome in the world. Its retractable roof has a diameter of 310.0m.

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