Desmopol: The Low Down


Desmopol is a high performance liquid roofing system for flat roofs, balconies, terraces, swimming pools and many other surfaces liable to be in contact with water. It is an intelligent, innovative design that has produced countless successful projects. It has changed the way people think about roofing and the future of construction.

What's all the fuss about Desmopol?

Desmopol is a highly elastomeric waterproofing liquid membrane that can be installed in a single layer with excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces.

Desmopol liquid membrane is very easy to apply reducing overcoat times and has a great adhesion to all substrates, making it the ideal seamless liquid membrane for new buildings or remedial work. Desmopol liquid membrane is also widely use in balconies, walkways and even carparks.

Desmopol holds an ETA certification for 25 years and is also certified for use in green roofs.

How do you use it?

Using it is very simple, first of all open Desmopol by pulling tabs with a nipper and stir thoroughly before adding the Accelerator. Desmoplus Accelerator comes in pre-measured tins of 2 litres for the 25kg Desmopol drums and 500ml for the 6kg tins. If you are not going to use the full tin, make sure you mix the correct ratio - 110ml per litre of Desmopol. 

Mix the Accelerator fully into the Desmopol on a low speed mixer and after a couple of minutes the Accelerator will be completely blended with Desmopol. Now you have 20-25 minutes of pot life. Apply the Accelerated Desmopol to the surface then dry roll Technoband into the membrane until it is drawn through, and spread another coat of the product ensuring the matting is fully embedded.

After a couple of minutes, the Matting softens considerably and can be rolled tight into any detail to achieve a neat professional finish.

Repeat this process on all relevant areas considering the joints must be lapped 50mm each side and on any change of material, and trim should also be lapped 50mm on the board and 50mm on the trim covering the fixing.

Outlets and other detailed work must be treated in the same way by using Matting embedded in a coat of Desmopol as previous. 100mm matting is also used in the same way round the outley for extra support.

Once the joint areas are fully dry, Accelerated Desmopol can be applied to the main surface in one or more layers using a 9 inch solvent resistant roller. If applying in more than one layer, each layer must be fully cured before applying the next.

As it is naturally self levelling it does not need to be overworked, this provides more control over the thickness, which needs to be a minimum of 1.4mm thick or a coverage rate of 1.5 - 2kg per square metre.

Accelerated Desmopol will be touch dry in approximately 40-50 minutes and ready for topcoat in a couple of hours.

If the surface you want to cover is pitched or even vertical, you can mix Desmothix and Desmopol to take the self levelling element out of the product and avoid runs or drops. Desmothix is available in 1 litre tins and usually 250ml of Desmothix per 25kg drum is enough to reach the desired consistency.

Desmothix also allows Desmopol to be used in box gutters with matting on a wet on wet system.

Accelerator can still be used with Desmothix, you just have to add this first to Desmopol before adding the Desmothix. Once again, this speeds up the drying process considerably and only gives around 20-25 minutes of pot life.

The use of TecnoTop2C Topcoat is recommended for trafficable areas or to increase UV stability under guarantee by five years. It must be applied no later than 48 hours on to the fully cured Desmopol. To simplify its use TecnoTop2C is pre measured in 1no 4.3 litre tin Part A and 1no 0.7 litre tin Part B, both tins can be mixed together fully and applied at a coverage rate of 150g per square metre. This will cover around 25 square metres.

If you need to apply a smaller amount, the mixing ratio is 6 Part A to 1 Part B. For car parks and high traffic areas, two layers of TecnoTop2C will need to be applied.

Once applied to the Desmopol it will dry in approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the weather, and the pot life of the mixed product is approximately 6 hours. For balconies and walkways, anti-skid finishers can be applied to the TecnoTop2C, depending on the level of anti-skid required. Silica sand or mineral clippings can be added to the TecnoTop2C whilst still wet, allowing the topcoat to dry before sweeping the loose chippings off. The masking tape must be removed immediately after the anti-skid has been applied.

For an encapsulating, finer anti-skid, you can add Tecnoplastic to the mixed TecnoTop2C at a 10-15% ratio. Even this plastic bead does not sink to the bottom of the mixed tin. When applying the topcoat with a roller, it leaves a finer anti-skid encapsulated in the TecnoTop2C that is ideal for balcony areas where people will be walking barefoot. 

Breakdown of application:

Preparation of surface: It should be clean dry and free from any contaminants such as oil, grease and dust. Loose chippings must be removed and any cracks, splits in substrates to be repaired with PU Mastic.

  • Specific areas, such as structural joints and perimeter flashings with walls, should be prepared using Tecnoband Mat embedded in a coat of Desmopol.
  • Plywood/OSB decks or insulation joints must be taped using Tecnoband Mat.
  • Overlaps on metal surfaces must be taped with Tecnoband 100 to avoid damage to the Desmopol membrane.
  • Work out the area you will cover with the 27kg tin of mixed product (please check coverage rates for different guarantees available),  do not spread the product too thin.
  • Pour the Accelerator into the Desmopol membrane tin and mix on slow speed using paddle mixer or similar until the products are visibly mixed (approx. 2mins).   To avoid the presence of air bubbles the product must be mixed with a slow speed paddle mixer. Important Note: The Accelerator must be mixed at the exact ratio of 2 Litre tin for 25kg. Do not modify this ratio as this may result in an incorrect chemical reaction. Exact ratio of 110ml per each Litre of Desmopol.
  • Desmopol is self levelling, do not overwork the product.
  • Apply Desmopol on upstands, corners and penetrations in 2 thin layers.
  • Apply Desmopol Membrane to the designated area by squeegee, brush or roller.
  • Desmopol will form a skin after 30mins and be completely waterproof, walkable after 2-4hrs. Fully curing time is 24hrs
  • TecnoTop 2C top coat can be used to guarantee the stability of the colour and must be used on guarantee systems over 15 years.
  • Warm roof systems:  PIR VV insulation must be primed with EPW1070. Once the primer is dry, Desmopol can be applied directly on the PIR VV insulation boards

What surfaces can it be used on?

Desmopol Membrane, when used in conjunction with Accelerator can be used directly on the substrate such as: plywood/OSB, asbestos, metal, lead, bitumen membranes,concrete, asphalt, masonry or brick walls.

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