Aquapol: Your Quick Fix

Did you know we also manufacture Aquapol?

Aquapol is a high performance acrylic roof coating containing fibres.

It is a one layer system and has been designed for repair and refurbishment of failed industrial and domestic roofs. It is quick and easy to apply by brush or roller straight out of the tin.

It can be used in most substrates directly without the need of a primer at a recommended coverage rate of 1-2 kg per m2.

Aquapol is instantly waterproof and can be applied to most surfaces even in damp conditions. It will instantly stop leaks. The fibres will bridge small gaps and cracks easing the application.

It has a life span up to ten years in tightly sealed containers. Don't forget to reseal the container after use to ensure longevity.

Aquapol comes in a standard grey colour that has superb solar reflective properties, however it also available in other colours such as red, white and black.